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Release Notes – Teacher2go – Version 2.7

Release Notes – Teacher2go – Version 2.7

** Technical
* [TTGO-255] – Use new iOS8 features for alertview and actionsheet
* [TTGO-321] – Minimum iOS version is now 9.0

** Defect
* [TTGO-323] – Crash at database upgrade because of double entries for default “Notenschema/Notenausprägung”
* [TTGO-324] – When cloning a preset grade scheme, it could lead to a corrupt database because presetId is not deleted
* [TTGO-328] – After sending a report via mail more than 3 times, the mail form does not show up again
* [TTGO-330] – AirPrint does not work on iOS9 any more, crashes the app
* [TTGO-331] – Crash at CSV import
* [TTGO-332] – Login does not work directly after database import

** New Feature
* [TTGO-262] – Support TouchID

** Improvement
* [TTGO-326] – Display of weekday in class record dialog (Kursbuch)
* [TTGO-329] – Selectable sort order after newest/oldest date in more dialogs (similar to grades list)
* [TTGO-333] – Add switch for exam results table not to print date repeated
* [TTGO-334] – Swipe in exam result points (Klausurergebnis-Aufgabenpunkte)